Gaming Controllers Catnip Felt Toy


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XB White PS Gray Switch Black
Weight 1.4 oz / 40 g 1 oz / 30 g  1.8 oz / 50 g

4.7*5.7 inch /

12* 14.5 cm

4.3*5.5 inch /

11* 14 cm

 4.3*6.7 inch /

11*17 cm

Material Felt, Catnip Felt, Catnip  Felt, Catnip
For Cats Cats Cats


*Size is manually measured. Because of this, measurements are not exact. Data is for reference only.

This item comes in physical contact with pets. To avoid cross-infection of customer pets, Fluv Luv LLC does not accept any forms of returns or exchanges. However, if there is a defect from the manufacturer, you can request an exchange up to 7 days after the item’s arrival date. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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